cevicheceviche’s Katinka asked Yazoka to create the cevicheceviche visual brand identity. Looking for a design that resonates her ultimate ceviche feeling: colourfull, tasty, tropical yet classy, refined and fresh.

Her dishes are always beautifully presented so that was our main source of inspiration: a food fest on a plate. The colours are inspired by fresh ceviche ingredients such as mango, fish, peppers and unions.

cevicheceviche makes up happy. Let’s Party!

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Check out Cevicheceviche for workshops, Katinka’s cookbook Mi Casa Peru or buy her delicious Aji Amarillo Paste at Westland peppers.

Do you want to experience cevicheceviche or would you like to know more about Katinka’s activities? Please do not hesitate to contact Katinka.

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