A full service visual communication studio. Specialized in graphic identity, identity optimization and thematic illustrations. Look before you leap. Before we start designing, it is important we understand each another. Your and our wishes, needs and terms translated into a clear mission statement. Therefore, we first will map the assignment. All aspects of our collaboration bundled: briefing, ideas and concepts, inspiration and project management. No matter what size and complexity the project, we always separate the project into clear stages. As we are working on the design, you make an important contribution by critically thinking along using your own expertise. We save sufficient time for presentations, moments of reflection and evaluations. This will change our working relationship into a collaboration. Everyone feels involved and responsible for a convincing result.

Yazoka has an extensive and mixed network of creative talents. Illustrators, photographers, film makers, artists and writers, editors and web developers. Needless to say Yazoka is acquainted with many experts in the fields of printing, paper, special materials and traditional techniques. If we can imagine it, we can make it happen.

Our clients are very diverse. Both listed companies as well as the artist in the street and everybody in-between can lunge in to our studio. We are working for the well know fashion brands, startups, (semi) government, the cultural sector but also for advertising agencies. It is not so much about the size of the assignment, but rather about the ambitions and challenges on which the project is based.





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  • TEAM-001

    Sacha Serano


    A heart full of fashion made Sacha graduate cum laude at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (BA). And a heart full of entrepreneurship made Sacha choose for the unpaved road of self-employment. After working freelance for several years for various international fashion houses, Sacha also wanted to explore the other sides of graphic design. As the years went by her skills as a graphic designer took off. Caused by her different background than most people in the industry Sacha’s approach is fresh, innovative and certainly bold.
  • TEAM-003

    Boris Dnipropetrovsk


    We’re suspicious of people who don’t like dogs, but we trust a dog when it doesn’t like a person. As the old saying goes, “A dog is a man’s best friend.” Dogs can help alleviate stress, anxiety, depression, and isolation. Even if you love your job, everyone is bound to have a tough day. And when we get stressed or anxious, our office dog is just the greatest remedy ever. Just make sure to pay up pay up or Boris will come to collect. Just a small FYI.

  • TEAM-002

    Maarten de Ru


    Raised in a family full of entrepreneurs Maarten started his own business in the third year of his study Creative Communications (BA). With the combined knowledge achieved during his study and his background, already an autodidact photographer and designer, the need in the market for Creative Communications wasn’t hard to discover. Customer is King was always the device, but please let experts do their jobs. Maarten listens very well to the clients wishes and pragmatically transforms the needs in to concrete matter.


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Onze prijsopgaven en leveringen geschieden volgens de laatste leveringsvoorwaarden voor de grafische industrie, gedeponeerd ter Griffie van de arrondissementsrechtbank te amsterdam. Deze voorwaarden kunt uw hier downloaden. Delivery terms and conditions for the printing industry filed on january 13, 2011 under no. 8/2011 With the clerk of the district court of Amsterdam. Download all terms and conditions here (in Dutch).

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